Features List

Implemented features can be split into two categories :

  • openDBcopy Core Features
  • openDBcopy Plugins

openDBcopy Core Features

openDBcopy's core can be seen as an application framework providing everything required to run a plugin or a series of plugins, a plugin chain. Configure a database migration job using the openDBcopy graphical user interface. This includes:

  • Database Connection Details
  • Database catalog/schema, options selection and capturing
  • Tables to process, Table Mapping
  • Columns to process, Column Mapping, Table specific SQL filters
  • Global String filters (such as trim, removal of intermediate whitespaces, ...)
  • Saving a job (plugin chain) or single plugin as XML

openDBcopy tries to map tables and columns automatically given its names. To take care of referential integrity constraints let openDBcopy read this extra information.

openDBcopy Plugins

openDBcopy provides a set of standard plugins. New plugins can easily be developed (see developer manual). This includes:

  • Online Migration of database schemas using Hibernate (including tables, referential integrity, indexes, compound keys, ...)
  • Online Migration of database data (only logging records which cannot be processed)
  • Write dump files such as comma separated files (csv), tab delimited text files (txt), ...
  • Write SQL data scripts (sql)
  • Comparing number of records for each database and write a nice report
  • Delete seletected tables
  • Create ZIP archives
  • Secure Copy (SSH2) of files, directories to remote hosts

For more information, please see the user manual