openDBcopy requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher to be installed. If you do not have Java installed then first download it here.


openDBcopy binaries are distributed as installable jar files using IzPack

Click here to download openDBcopy from a nearby mirror.

To install openDBcopy enter the following command in a console window:

java -jar opendbcopy-xx-install.jar (replace xx with the current version)

You are then guided through the installation process. Windows users can create Shortcuts for their desktop and Start Menu.

Please ensure that you have the required JDBC database drivers ready for your migration project. For further documentation please see the user manual.


The latest openDBcopy sources can be checked out from the CVS source repository. Released sources can be installed optionally using the installable archive file. Please note that plugin sources are within the appropriate plugin jar libraries for simpler debugging.